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Messa for Padre Pio and premium for the Choir       


06 february 2011          





< Corale San Vittore

It is pleasant to find in singing
the flavors of everything that is beautiful
and feel in the heart and mind
these emotions
that makes us feel good.

To the Director
of the Choir Corale San Vittore
of Porlezza

Also this year our team has the pleasure to organize a lunch for the thirteenth time called "In Gratitude".

This event is organized to show our gratitude to all those people who brings the good without seeing one's own benefit.

This year our focus is on you, people who spend many hours not only in performing but especially in those innumerable sacrifices in the family for its preparations, only with the aim of contributing by singing to make the way to God less difficult.

The award means that you are invited to a luncheon as appreciated guests and to obtain a memorial plaque.

Hoping for your reply, best regards. 


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